Coming from an area that that was glossed with roadside billboards maybe I’m biased but I don’t get the big deal. To make the matter even sillier the state is talking about small signs to tell you where attractions are off the interstate.

Granted because I live here I know where most attractions are, so I know the exits. but parents from out-of-state maybe confused as to what exit to turn off for UMA or UMaine Farmington for instance. I don't understand. Maine is "Vacationland." Not everyone who comes here necessarily has just one destination in mind. Some may want to go to Sebago Lake after hitting Freeport, or go to Acadia National Park after spending time in Bangor. These signs aren't blocking the view of the driver, they're not lottery, hotel, media billboards.

The potential change is to comply with Federal highway sign standards. More to come possibly as early as tomorrow.

Source: MPBN