Signing up to qualify has now ended. We will be contacting those that are chosen.


Last summer Lisa York of Jay (above) was our grand prize winner of an 18' above ground pool from Levesque Pools at the Benton Plaza. Now it's your turn!

Listen weekdays from 6/10-7/5 for the special 'Make a Big Splash' Sounder. When you hear it, be the 9th Moose call at 626-9200 or 547-9200. You'll be one of our 60 qualifiers to join us at Levesque Pools at the Benton Plaza, Saturday, July 13. We will be taking 30 on-air qualifiers.

You can also be one of the select few to join us, just by signing up below. We randomly pick 30 more qualifiers for the big Grand Prize Pool Giveaway!