Have you seen last night’s Gray’s?  IF not, stay off the internet until you do.  IF you know what I am talking about....read on....

OK it is just you and me...WHAT THE HECK Shonda Rhimes??  FYI...Shonda is the show’s creator and executive producer. She also seems to love to make us hate her.

Derek Sheppard is DEAD!

A friend of mine got me hooked on Grey’s a few years ago. I blame here for my roller coaster of emotions today. I will deal with her at a later date on the heart break I am feeling  today.  But on to my other  issues…WHY?

Why was Derek Shepherd killed off? I like to think of myself as a girl in the know, but I had not heard a word about Patrick Dempsey leaving the show or the show leaving Patrick Dempsey.

But I was classic… Dr. Shepherd being hit in a car crash after saving four other lives, leaving Meredith the decision to take him off life support. It was SO Grey's Anatomy.

I hate and love you all at the same time Shonda Rhimes.