Everyone who is a non-motorcycle rider loves to take every opportunity to let us riders know how dangerous it is to be out on two wheels. And, while it's considerably annoying every time this happens, I have to admit that they are certainly not wrong in their assessment.

Now, before I get into my story time about yesterday's scary events, let me first admit that I am not a perfect driver 100% of the time. There are times when I look down at my phone or try to read a text when I'm on the road. Should I do that? No. Have I done it many times before? 100% yes. I am no better than anyone else who does things they shouldn't while driving. So maybe I'm the perfect guy to share this message, because I see it from both sides.

Yesterday, my parents offered to watch the kids for a couple hours so the wife and I could venture out on the motorcycle. And, for those wondering, it's a Harley Street Glide in the wicked red color.

It was the very first ride of the season and, though it was a little bit brisk, it was still lots of fun. I got up early, washed the bike since it had been sitting in the garage for 6 months, and we headed on our way.

We decided to ride up to Skowhegan to have lunch at T&B's Outback Tavern. Instead of taking the 'main drags' we took as many secondary roads as we could, including the River Road up through Benton and into Fairfield.

If you're familiar with the River Road, you know there is a section of road that is a huge straightaway as it comes up on a large farm. Well, while on that straightaway I noticed a blue sedan coming towards us in the opposite direction.

As we were closing in on each other, maybe 150 yards apart, the blue sedan began steadily drifting over into our lane. As this isn't the first time this has happened to me, I immediately began slowing down and moving over towards the shoulder.

As the car got closer I could clearly see the male driver looking down with only one hand on the wheel. He then looked up and over-corrected by jerking the wheel back into the correct lane. The car shook and nearly drifted from the sudden correction, but he was able to maintain control.

As he went by us, fortunately in the correct lane, he already had his head buried back down in what I can only imagine was his phone. He didn't even wait until he had safely gone by us to resume his distraction.

I was floored.

We made it to our destination and had a wonderful lunch with a couple other riders who were out doing the same thing. Our ride home, though a little chilly, was safe and uneventful- the way we like it.

So again, I am not some holier-than-thou keyboard warrior proclaiming I'm a perfect driver and all must follow my example. Because I'm not. I get distracted, I look down and I check notifications when I know I probably shouldn't.

However, after what happened yesterday, I'm promising myself to do BETTER. To let the phone sit, to not give in to the urge to check every single notification and, at least I really hope, you all will do the same.

Stay safe out there and pay attention to those around you- especially those of us on fewer than four wheels.

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