Tonight at 9 pm, on most channels, is President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address. This is a night where you'll hear lines like, "We're doing better, but there is more work to be done." There will be a lot of applause and maybe a few boos, or lack of enthusiasm.

President Obama wasn't my first choice to have as president. My choice lost in the primaries.  I really don't have an agenda as I write this.

What do you want clarified, answered or brought up tonight?

Five things that he will most likely talk about are:

  • Income inequality/minimum wage
  • Immigration
  • The Affordable Care Act ("ObamaCare")
  • Congress
  • Iran and Afghanistan

I don't believe tonight's speech will change anyone's mind on how they feel about the President and this being his second term. It is his legacy term, so I don't see a lot of talk about compromise tonight either.

Just hold your breath or clap and agree. Tonight is an obligation and in this time of social media and 24/7 news cycles, there really isn't anything that passes without debate in real-time.