I know it hasn't felt like it, but we are days away from the official kickoff to Summer 2017!  It's time to start planning those family road trips. Well, if you don't mind the drive, you can check out Springfield, MA's new Dr. Seuss Museum!

According to Wikipedia, The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss is now open in Springfield, MA!

The museum celebrates the life of legendary children's author, and Springfield native, Dr. Seuss (AKA Theodor Geisel).  Through letters, drawings, and other artifacts donated by friends and family, visitors will get a look inside the life of Seuss.

Born in 1904, Geisel was Ivy League educated (Dartmouth and Oxford), and worked in the advertising industry before taking on writing full time.  He also spent time as an animator for the US Army where he worked on an Oscar winning  documentary (Design for Death).  Over the course of his decades long career, he wrote over 50 children's books.

The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum is kind of a haul (4 hours from Central Maine), but worth the trip for any Seuss-loving family!

Get tickets and more details at The Amazing World Of Dr. Seuss Museum website

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