The good news is I'm up and around a little more since my first and last update after my surgery over the past weekend. The less than good news is, there is still discomfort, stiffness and a bit of swelling.

The first few nights at home, I was sleeping on the couch because I had better leverage when it came to getting up. The back of the couch allowed me to use my arms to readjust the weight so it wasn't affecting my midsection directly. The last couple of nights, I've gone to my bed, thinking now somewhat reluctantly due to it being much higher off the ground.

On Sunday morning I gave up using the prescription pain medication mostly because I like a clear head and like to feel the subsiding pain and all of the sensitivities that tag along. I'm not sure if that makes me a masochist or not, but if I can do it without doping up than I will.

Since, I've used Advil and I've been pretty much okay. I still have discomfort in a few areas, but not like it was when I first got home last Friday night. I'm also still a swollen in the area (hip level, across the abdomen) and hoping that will go down. I ice it once in a while but it's about the most annoying feeling in the world on your body.

I've been out of the house twice. The first time was Tuesday evening to accompany Lynn at a school PTO meeting. When we introduced ourselves, I said, "Hi, I'm Lynn's husband, and I've got a hernia problem." After awhile sitting in a chair at the meeting, it got quite uncomfortable. The second time was yesterday evening. Lynn and I went to Hannaford to buy bread and a couple of other miscellaneous grocery items. Walking more than an aisle last night was a task but I did it.

Today I feel about the same as yesterday. I'm still sore in parts both from the surgery and in other areas now as well from over compensating my body.

My goal is and to this point it's reasonable to expect to be back on Monday, Presidents' Day weekend. Enjoy the storm and weekend if I don't post anything here until my return.

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