After a second follow visit earlier today with my doctor for the hernia repair, I can now lift up to 20 pounds. I guess this mean I have to start taking out the trash and doing housework again. Oh well.

Still to this day I don’t really understand what happened inside of me during surgery but everything is improving. He put a mesh in, but first he had to repair other issues behind the hernia. My doctor even drew what he did on the chair/table roll-out paper. I see it like this, I needed a new tire but after cutting into me, I needed new brakes, rotors and calipers. It was 5 ½ hours under the knife back almost 20 days ago but over all I feel much better.

There is still a bit of numbness in the area where the hernia was and some lack of feeling over on my opposite (left) thigh. I guess being numb is better than being in pain. The feeling should return at some point down the road.

I had loads of questions for the doctor some were answered at the last follow up visit a week ago and a few newer questions were answered this time.

If you’re in the doctor’s office, don’t be afraid to ask questions. In fact, bring a list of questions so you don't forget. This is your time. Two questions I didn’t think of from my visit a week ago was about the stitches and whether they would dissolve or would they have to be taken out. Thankfully the answer was, they’ll dissolve on their own.

I even asked if sex was a good idea right now, without going to deep into this subject, the answer was basically it was still too early for regular vigorous activity.

That’s the update.