It has been a month since my hernia repair and for the most part I’m back to normal. It’s still a little uncomfortable to bend over and pick something up off of the floor and sudden body movements are also a little taxing on the midsection but everything seems to be getting better.

Since it’s been a month now, I’m allowed to lift 40 pounds which means for the purposes of my job I’m more or less back to normal detail. It’s radio, the heaviest thing I need to lift is probably the tent frame, which would be close to 40 pounds, but if needed I’ll just ask for help.

There is still numbness on my left upper thigh just down from the hip. I’m hoping that reverts back to feeling again.

The incisions are still a little tender to the touch. It’s somewhere between itchy and stinging but more itchy but not to the point of wanting to scratch. Where the repair it’s self was done is still a slight bit noticeable, meaning it’s not quite flat to the body.

I’ll give it the full six weeks before calling the doctor with questions or concerns. At this point it’s an annoyance because wearing jeans or snugger fitting pants still rubs the stitches. Or maybe better put where the stitches were if they have already dissolved.

One month after surgery and everything so far is getting close to fine, just like before.