Thank you all for wishing Vikki well over the past week. She is home and happily obnoxious like an almost three year old should be.

After the whole ordeal, Vikki is home and recovering. She is running around the house like nothing ever happened. Vikki had labs done on Friday morning and where the results were within a range that Vikki's Doctor felt it was okay to discharge her, they did.

Yesterday morning Vikki was told she could go home. Funny how when Vikki first arrived on Wednesday she didn't want to be at the hospital but after a few days of the nurses doting on her Vikki didn't want to leave.

Now that she's home though, Vikki doesn't want to go back. Just being there four days, it was like we had moved into room 305 at St. Mary's. We left with four garbage bags full of dirty clothes, stuffed animals and gifts from the hospital, family and close friends.

Dr. Linda Glass who is an amazing pediatrician and happy to call her our kids' doctor laid out what was going on and gave Lynn and myself answers regarding the what, why, and hows of Vikki.

She was treated for a bacterial infection that began in the bladder then moved along into her kidney's know as, Pyelonephritis. The only real solution at the time of sickness it a heavy bout of antibiotics and fever reducers, etc.  Now Vikki can be treated with at home antibiotics twice a day like if she had bronchitis or an ear infection.

This isn't the end, Vikki will have to undergo tests in the coming weeks to see why her body didn't fight this off before entering her kidneys, and we need to know if she is susceptible to getting what started out as a urinary tract infection again.

Vikki's SED rate was off the chart at admission to the hospital, so her joints will have to be checked by a Doctor in Portland for what Dylan has, a type of Juvenile arthritis. Thankfully it's not Lyme's disease as the SED rate did come down along with the swelling.

The upside is, Vikki is home after four days of having her friend, "Mr. IV pole."

Huge props to my wife Lynn who stood by Vikki the whole time while she was at the hospital. The only time Lynn left Vikki was for a quick shower down the hall while I was there. Through the hospital meals, lack of real sleep and the emotional toll all of the picking and prodding on Vikki took, Lynn is an amazing mother.

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