I know there are still 10 days until the end of the year but it being so close I thought I'd talk about the year in review for me personally and for us as a family. It was a year of major ups and downs. All of the "downs" coming in the first few months but after March, things improved and the year really got better like a switch had been flipped in the summer.

The beginning of the year was about surgeries and hospital stays. In February I had a hernia repair done. It was only supposed to be a 45 minute ordeal and turned into a five hour (plus) undergoing. I went in for one problem and once the Doctor opened me up, he had other issues to deal with. I was like a car when you take it in for a brake job, and when the car is up on a lift, they find they need to do other repairs, for example the rotors and calipers need replacing. Lynn was freaking out in the waiting room as an hour turned into a full day.


Literally two weeks after I my surgery, Vikki was admitted to the ER with a temperature of 106. We learned that she had developed a Urinary Tract Infection and was hospitalized for almost a week with a 24/7 drip of antibiotics. I still thank the Doctors and nurses for their warmth, care and happiness as this was a very traumatic few days for Vikki as she was just two and a half. Since those four days in late February, all has been well, and today Vikki is normal and completely off any and all meds.


From early to mid spring things in my life were pretty uneventful, just paying bills and trying to keep up with putting food on the table and over all treading water as far life goes.

In May, my mother came down for a visit, we enjoyed her stay and celebrated her birthday while she was here. In August Mom once again came to Maine, this time with my sister and her son/my nephew, Sam. A couple of the highlights of her stay were that we went to Funtown and Freeport but over all just enjoyed each others company.

After three years of being a stay-at-home Mom, Lynn went back into the workforce. This fall, Lynn found a really good job with a wonderful employer and works to help people get their lives back together. Not only is there a second paycheck now coming in to the household but her gig is very self rewarding.

A couple of other not so personal highlights but still awesome in their own way from 2014 include buying the Ford Fusion in February (one day before the hernia surgery) and having our windows replaced in late October.


As 2014 closes, I feel so blessed to have had the emotional support in the beginning of the year with all of the health crises and then not having the same worries at the end of the year, plus be able to have a little fun from time to time where Lynn is now working.

No matter how low the moment may feel, there is most always a positive end to your situation, just keep plugging away and better times will come.

Here's to a super 2015!

Favorite songs from 2014:

Technically this song was released in 2013, but peaked this year, so I included it.

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