According to their website, the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray has a creative new solution to keeps kids entertained and educated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each year, thousands of Maine students from all around the state board giant yellow buses and head south (some go north) to Gray for an epic day of animal adventure with their fellow classmates and teachers.

Since this won't be possible this year, the park has decided to do a series of educational live seminars at their website. Everything from exploring the turtles of Maine to learning about all of the state's different carnivorous species.

If you're looking to register for one of the live tours, they're all full. BUT, they will be put back up as recorded videos when they're completed and everyone will then be able to see them

Here is the upcoming schedule for virtual tours.

May 5th- Animal's Amazing Adaptations

May 7th- Maine's Busy Beavers

May 12th- Carnivores of Maine

May 14th: Maine's Native Turtles

May 19th: Maine's Small Mammals

May 21st: Bird Adaptations

May 26th: Amazing Animal Adaptations

May 28th: Maine's Raptors

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