This is probably the most famous shot in the history of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise: Leatherface swinging his chainsaw around in a deranged fury because the last of his intended victims has managed to jump into the back of a speeding truck and escaped his clutches. This singular visual is so famous, in fact, that it’s been cleverly hidden in the poster for the next Texas Chainsaw sequel, which is scheduled to be released some time in 2021.

The secret Easter egg was first spotted by Reddit. Below, here is the full poster for the film, which is being produced by Legendary Entertainment:


If you zoom in to the area around Leatherface’s bottom lip (directly above the words “world witnessed”) you can see the silhouette of that image of Leatherface with his chainsaw hidden amongst the smudges of paint:


Pretty clever — especially since this Texas Chainsaw Massacre is supposedly designed to be a direct sequel to the original Tobe Hooper film from 1974. It’s set almost 50 years after the events of the first Texas Chainsaw and follows a much older Leatherface as he encounters two sisters. So the Easter egg clues you in to the fact that this movie connects back to that original one, and features the same Leatherface after several reboots and prequels.

The last news we heard about this film wasn’t exactly encouraging; just one week into filming, the project’s original directors, Andy and Ryan Tohill, were replaced by David Blue Garcia over “creative differences” with producers. Hopefully the finished product doesn’t bear any signs of behind-the-scenes upheaval.

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