It has been 12 years since the terrorist attacks of 9-11-01. Yes I remember where I was as I'm sure most of you do. The images of that horrific day don't get any easier to see nor do the feelings and emotions dissolve or get any less as the years and anniversaries go by.

What stands out to me still is how brave the firefighters, police and all other first responders were on that day as many went into the buildings and many didn't come out trying to save the lives of those trapped on the various floors.The still photo of the waiter jumping from the window because he'd rather fall to his death than be burned is one I'll never forget. As I sit here in Auburn, Maine, I can't even imagine how it was to be in New York or Washington, D.C. when this happened.

The other thing I remember as I sat at home watching the attacks happen live and later when I got to work is how helpless I was living my simple life away from it all. Not that I was qualified or could help in any meaningful way but had the feeling of wanting to do something.

Today as life goes on as normal with reflections and memorials. There are things you can do like thank a firefighter, give to a charity or give blood. There is a 'Day of Remembrance' blood drive happening today from 11-6 at the Augusta Civic Center.

If you don't live in the Augusta area, I'm sure there is a blood drive in your town if not today then soon.

Thoughts and prayers go out to the souls that perished in the planes, in the twin towers and at the Pentagon. Thoughts and prayers to those as well coping with the loss of a family member that died on this day back 12 years ago.




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