As of Friday morning at around 11 o'clock, Lisa Wardwell, owner of Lisa's Restaurant and Catering on Bangor Street in Augusta, added another feather to her cap: The China Dine-ah, to be exact.

Norm Elvin, owner of G&E Roofing of Augusta and Norm's Chicken and Seafood in South China, wished Lisa the best of luck as they all gathered at "The Dine-ah" on Friday night!

People concerned about menu changes need not worry. That won't least not initially. If anything, the list of offerings may grow in the future.

For now, one of Lisa's big projects will be adding a lounge onto the end of the building and, according to some wait staff, an outside patio may be coming soon, as well.

Ashley will manage the restaurant and former manager, Sherri Glidden, will take over doing what she has always wanted to do but didn't have the time to...baking all those great desserts. Yes indeed, it's all homemade, just like the jingle sings!

Meaghan Rogers will stay on as the head chef.

Good luck to Lisa, Ashley and all the staff. This is going to be a great summer of growth for the legendary China Dine-ah....and nobody is happier about that than the founder, Norm Elvin!