Who watched 'The Celebrity Apprentice' last night? It was awfully awkward in the board room when Donald Trump "fired" Keisha Knight Pulliam aka. "Rudy" from 'The Cosby Show' for more or less for not calling Bill Cosby to help in the challenge.

Obviously the show was recorded before the resurfacing allegations against Cosby emerged with the meme incident this past fall, but it certainly made the show come off as icky to me to say the least.

It also makes me wonder if Pulliam's reason for not calling Bill Cosby were true. Who knows the reason, but it seemed like with all of the production time they could arranged the presentation of the show differently.

Did NBC leave the all of the Billy Cosby chat in there for what we're doing today, water cooler chat? Of course there is the most reasonable explanation, the show, Trump and NBC couldn't get around the subject as Pulliam was the first eliminated, but what did you think?


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