This weekend, most of us will be fixated on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing.  For some Mainers, thinking of July 1969 brings a completely different event to mind.

According to the Portland Press Herald, on July 19th, 1969, a massive fire destroyed Old Orchard Beach's pier, AKA the White Way.

In the middle of summer, that day had been hot and humid with a high in the 90s.  An estimated 100,000 tourists from all over New England, and parts of Canada, were in town for the weekend.

According to eye witnesses, the fire started at about 8:30.  Once the alarm was sounded, firefighters from Portland, Biddeford, and Falmouth rushed to OOB to attempt to stop the fire from spreading.

When it was all over, 100 people were without jobs and $500,000 (over $3 million in today's money) in damage had been done.  Fortunately, no one was killed and there was only one serious injury.

Check out pictures of the blaze HERE

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