There are always unethical people out there trying to get what you work hard for. Sometimes they're successful. That's why you should be warned. One of the scams out there right now involves an "IRS agent calling you up and saying you have unpaid tax bills and, if they aren't paid, there will be a warrant issued for your arrest.

While this scam has been primarily confined to Winslow, there's no doubt that others will start getting calls so keep your guard up. Find out what the IRS has to say HERE.

Another scam that is back is the CMP one from earlier this year. A so-called "representative" of CMP will call your business saying that you have a short time to pay your outstanding bill or the power will be shut off. They will ask you to make a money transfer to a bogus account or have you go to a convenience store and get a Blue Dot Prepaid Card in order to pay. That should be a red flag immediately. CMP will never call for bill payment and they will never ask for payment by phone.

In short, DON'T PAY ANYBODY BY PHONE! It's usually a scam. Unless YOU place the call, never use your credit or debit card. Simple.

Remember, Uncle Jonny loves you and I care about you!

Now, if you'd please show your support by emailing me your credit card number, we'll be good!

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