There are two types of tattoo people in this world.

Person Number One:

They get one tattoo. They don't really care where they get it or who they get it from. Now, they certainly will take a friend’s recommendation; they are not crazy. But make no mistake about it, they got their tattoo done where they did strictly out of convenience.

Person Number Two:

This type of person is addicted to tattoos and loyal to their artist. They either have many tattoos or want many more. They always go to the same shop, maybe after a couple of tries, to find the right person and shop. They will tell you about this person and shop every. Single. Time. That's out of love to the artists and their work. Lastly, they will travel to great lengths, even through states, to go to THEIR tattoo artist.

When it comes to trusting who to get your artwork done, it is critical to have good recommendations. You need to hear about the tattoo parlor, you need to connect with the artist, and you need to see the artwork done.

That is the biggest thing, I think. When you hear about an artist and you are thinking about getting a tattoo, perhaps for the first time, go see their past work.

That is the beauty of social media for many tattoo artists. They can display their artwork like a portfolio.

I have been considering getting a leg or arm sleeve for about five years. I even went to an artist to sketch it out. I hated it. It was dark and mean, which is NOT my personality.

Since then, I have not committed, although I certainly am ready to get it done.

With that in mind, I ask: where are the best tattoo parlors in New Hampshire?

Below are the results in no particular order. Enjoy the list and artwork sample from each parlor!

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