I probably wouldn't have believed it unless I saw it. Star Wars fan Mich Ouelette has multiple tattoos honoring the films including sleeves depicting characters and scenes from "The Dark Side" on one arm, and "The Light Side" on the other, according to the Bangor Daily News. He wanted more and prime real estate was available on his back.

But what would possess someone to get a tattoo of that magnitude? A tattoo covering their entire back. A tattoo of the least liked character in Star Wars history. A tattoo of Jar Jar Binks?

Well, in his interview with Bangor Daily News he explained that while Binks is not necessarily his favorite character, he's never really disliked the guy, erm, alien. In fact, he likes the often judged prequels more than the recent films.

He got the tattoo a year ago but his wife ended up sharing a photo on it on Twitter and it has since gone viral gaining the attention of Gizmodo and Pedestrian along with many fan-made memes. Check out the ink for yourself!

I guess all I can really say is, meesa hopesa hessa happy!

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