On May 7, 2020, the official Facebook page of the immensely popular China Dine-ah restaurant announced that they would not be reopening for the foreseeable future. This was devastating news to the thousands of Mainers who had come to love and adore the downhome establishment over the years. But, with economics the way they were during COVID, it was a decision that thousands of restaurants all around the United States were being forced to make.

The Facebook post said in part,

It is with immense sadness that I am writing this message to let you all know that the China Dine-ah will not be reopening for the foreseeable future. Being closed for what will be ten weeks on June 1st, & now finding out that all of the fairs & many other events have been canceled, in addition to not being allowed to run at full capacity, indicates that we will be losing much of our summer business that we rely on. Unfortunately, we can not survive this type of loss. We want all of our loyal customers in China, across the state of Maine & beyond to know that it has truly been a pleasure serving you.

The China Dine-ah's slogan was 'Where Food, Family, Friends and Fun Come Together'. And all those who ever sat in a seat or a booth there knew it was true. From the incredible home-cooked meals to the delicious craft cocktails and handmade desserts, the China Dine-ah was more than just a restaurant. It was a destination.

Now, as the building has laid dormant for more than three years, we reflect on the good times we had there by letting those memories play back in our minds and by revisiting some of our favorite photos of the 'good ol' days'.

Remembering the ever-popular China Dine-Ah

Gallery Credit: Jon James, Facebook

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