It’s the story that has gone out of control, the Zumba studio operation in Kennebunk, ME. I’m referring to the story about Alexis Wright and Mark Strong and the alleged prostitution.

Tomorrow the 'client list' is scheduled to be released, which has many of us, including me, making jokes today like: "She was making money under the table, and on the table, in the car, at the hotel." Everybody's talking about who might be on the 'list?' Are there any high profile names? There is also a darker undertone; the damage to innocent loved ones of the men (presumably) who hired the 'Zumba instructor.'  The D.A.’s decision to release the names will affect their families. I know the 'johns' put themselves in the situation, but this will come as a total shock to the wives, children and other close relatives.

Should the names come out without a conviction of either Wright or Strong? I guess if you use the word “allegedly” it’s all good. At the same time, I love juicy gossip.