Most of us have heard the story, but if you haven't, former NFL great, 'Dancing With The Stars' contestant and TV commentator Warren Sapp was arrested for allegedly soliciting a prostitute over Super Bowl weekend.

There are more details that are emerging, so in this specific case, I think the NFL Network did the right thing by suspending him without pay pending the outcome.

I will never understand how a person with money and fame would want to or have to pay for sex.

Call me old fashioned, but when I was younger and in my wilder days, I couldn't just have sex and have it just be that. it was about the moment, whether a relationship blossomed or drama followed.

Part of me thinks that if you made prostitution legal, then there could be some legal protection for anyone choosing that profession. On the other hand, I feel if you made the "the world's oldest profession" legal in all 50 states, then you'd just be lowering the bar of life in America.

I am curious about what you have to say about the matter.