When I moved away from Maine for a few years, I mourned a handful of restaurants. I used to wish I could get a Bruce’s Burrito overnight shipped to me and I would do some crazy things for Pat’s Pizza.

A favorite food from a specific restaurant is impossible to replace. You can find the next best option but it’s just not the same. Noah Hetzell from New Jersey knows this too well but was lucky enough to get a Maine pizza delivered to him from 9+ hours away.

Al’s Pizza in Maine Gets Delivered to New Jersey

That’s right, a Maine pizza went on a 9+ hour journey to New Jersey into the grateful hands of Noah Hetzell, as shared by the pizza company on Facebook.

Hetzell shared with us that his family is originally from New Jersey but his grandparents used to come to the Pine Tree State to hunt, which led to his mom and aunt going to college in Orono.

As we all know, once you visit Maine once, you keep coming back.

Vacations to Maine made him fall in love with Al’s Pizza in Skowhegan where he gets his all-time favorite pizza.

"I think my aunt and uncle go for the black olive, green pepper and ham pizza, which is good but nothing like the buffalo chicken. I've never found anywhere else that used pulled chicken on their pizza. That combined with their hot sauce makes it the perfect combo for their pan crust."

I am a sucker for a buffalo pizza and this quote from Hetzell has me craving Al’s. His aunt generously drove the pizza from Skowhegan and delivered it to him in New Jersey, which is probably Al’s farthest "pizza delivery" they’ve ever had.

There are so many foods to love here in Maine and Hetzell shared that the perfect Maine import meal would be,

“buffalo chicken pizza coupled with tumbledown red from Tumbledown Brewing, finished with an Al’s chocolate peanut butter whoopie pie.”

Is anyone else’s stomach rumbling now?

This is an incredibly funny, amusing, and heartwarming story. You’ve got a great aunt, Noah, and I’m happy you got to get your hands on an Al’s pizza!

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