2017 marks the 150th birthday of one of the quintessential Maine foods (other than lobster, of course)...  B&M Baked Beans!

If you've ever driven to Portland by the '295 (we all have), you've gone right past the B&M Baked Beans factory!

According to the Portland Press Herald, it all began in 1867, when George Burnham opened a cannery to package meat, fish, and vegetables.  A few years later, Charles Morrill joined Burnham to form the Burnham & Morrill Co. Eventually, they developed their own product, a mix of beans and spices.

The original factory was on Franklin Street.  The current, bayside, factory opened in 1913.

Over the years, the product has changed slightly (they no longer include a piece of salt pork in every can), but the quality remains the same.

Check out this old school B&M commercial from the 80s:

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