Listen, it's completely okay to disagree with me on this one if you want to. After all, everyone is wrong sometimes, right? And today may just be your day.

Of course I am talking about the coveted Thanksgiving side dish of cranberry sauce. Cranberry sauce, at least to me, is even more important than the turkey. Literally if someone told me that we had to choose between the cranberry sauce and the turkey for our Thanksgiving dinner, I would give the bird the bird.

With all of that being said it's time to address the elephant in the room- the title of this article. I did in fact proclaim that the good ol' fashioned store bought version of this decadent delicacy is actually better than the homemade kind, and I stand by that. There are some things, actually most things, that taste better when prepared at home vs being purchased in the store, but this just isn't one.

There are many reasons I believe are the case for this. For one, when you make cranberry sauce at home you don't freight it up with all kinds of preservatives. Disagree all you want, but those bad boys add flavor! And last, but certainly not least (actually most important), is the can-shaped goodness. Yes, I'm talking about the store-bought jellied and cylindrical shaped cranberry sauce. You just have to have the sauce that's shaped liked the can and even has the little inner can ring marks all through it, That's literally what makes Thanksgiving Thanksgiving.

Sure, you can gather round the table and give thanks for everything you have in your life and reflect on how blessed you are to be surrounded by close friends and family but frig that. Nothing matters on this day as much as the first heaping spoonful of can-shaped store-bought jellied cranberry sauce. Sue me.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving, everyone <3

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