Randi Sanborn of Westbrook has been startled out of her mind on more than one occasion when she crossed paths with mice and rats. And these are not your typical rodent spotting incidents. These are vermin that she found in the strangest of places and the most bizarre situations.

Most recently, Randi went camping on a camping trip, and among the gear that she packed in her car was a camping chair. When she opened the chair up a mouse scurried out of it and she found it had chewed several large holes in the fabric.

Randi Sanborn

Now that in and of itself isn't that uncommon. Two days later on a trip to Hannaford is when things got crazy when Randi saw this on the inside of the roof of her car.

Randi Sanborn

"There must have been more than one (mouse) because this little buddy was in my car a few days later!!" she wrote on Facebook when she shared the photo. "Thank god he didn’t fall on my head when I was driving!"

Randi Sanborn

It's not every day you see a mouse, upside down, walking across the interior roof of your car. I didn't even know they were able to do that! Randi was pretty freaked out, but a good samaritan in the parking lot got the mouse out for her.

Now, I don't know which is worse. Finding a mouse on the interior roof of your car or finding a big rat sitting on the door handle to your front door. Believe it or not, that happened to Randi too.

Randi Sanborn

Rats are very intelligent animals, and this one seemed to be trying to find a way into Randi's home by going through the most obvious entrance, the front door.

Randi Sanborn

It didn't have any luck getting in after climbing around every part of the storm door it could. Even if it did get through the storm door, there's no way it was getting past the front door. Eventually, it just walked away and didn't return.

Have you had any crazy encounters with mice or rats? Let us know in the comments.

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