America has a huge problem with obesity, and yes, in many ways as a society, we need to look at why this is happening. Is it because we have no will power? Is it that less healthy food is less expensive? Is it that we spend a lot more time in front of the computer than we ever did in the past? I don't know. Smarter people will have the answers.

Obesity could be a home economic issue as well. A huge debate over the past few years in Augusta has been whether SNAP/Food Stamps should be used for taxable junk food. A proposal to ban junk food purchases on the SNAP program fell through back in 2013, and Governor LePage and Senator Katz among others are attempting to pass another similar bill today.

Junk food is defined in the Sun Journal article as taxable foods like candy, chips and soda.

Look, I am the last person who will tell someone how to live their lives. I am also not one to vilify the poor as I along with many of us are one or two paychecks away from serious financial problems.

When I see someone in front of me in line swipe that blue EBT card I don't get upset or irritated at their purchases, I just hope that their future is brighter.

That being said, most if not all who have an EBT card for food also have MaineCare for medical coverage. This means theoretically the malnourished will also be more likely in need of medical services.

Those who know me would consider me left of center politically but do I think junk food as defined should be allowed to be bought on food stamps? No. However, nobody seems to be happy with anything people buy on the program. When people buy steak or seafood on food stamps, people roll their eyes as well.

To add and not really part of the story is for the life of me I can't understand why the card covers bottle deposits. Every so often we hear of a story about water dumping just to get the nickles from the bottled water. You get the money back at the redemption site, so why not bill people in cash?

My only issue with this bill is, the fight won't end with banning junk food. If that bill passes which by the way is common sense, I'm sure there will be another attack on people who have very little and use government assistance.


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