After the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, someone stole Tom Brady's game worn jersey right out of the locker room. The Houston police have valued the jersey at $500,000 and they are calling this a felony crime.

Meanwhile it looks like TB12 has started his own detective agency. On his Facebook page Brady has compiled a suspect board putting Julian Edelman as suspect #1 saying He "loves rings",  and is a “sneaky lil’ squirrel.”

But Edelman isn't the only one. Other suspects include:

The court drawing of Brady, named “Creepy Me”

Lady Gaga (with escape ropes?)

Gollum from Lord Of The Rings, because he also loves rings

Scooby, the Brady family dog

and even The clown who stole Air Bud among others like Jaws, Prison Mike from The Office, and more. Brady

TB12 may be having fun with this, but he says he would really like to get that piece of memorabilia back. And the Houston Police are investigating the matter.

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