It almost seems like the entire world has gone mad in 2020.  it goes way beyond the coronavirus pandemic, too.  We've got economic issues, murder hornets, a toilet paper shortage...

Now, you can add tourists gone wild to that list.

According to a post on the Franconia Front Porch Facebook page, the town of Woodstock, New Hampshire recently posted signs at common tourist spots warning visitors that they may ban all visitors over growing bad behavior.  Some of the complaints include issues with large gatherings, improper disposal of trash, public urination and defecation, and overall bad behavior.

The sign provides helpful hints about how to act when on vacation.  Such as properly disposing of trash, using porta-potties, not using fireworks, and not lighting fires.  Violators could face arrest and a possible $500 fine.


Woodstock is not the only area dealing with these problems, either.  The Mount Washington Valley, home to outlet shopping, Story Land, and Mount Washington, has been facing similar issues over the last few months.

If you go on vacation this summer, whether it is here in Maine or to another New England state, please be respectful.

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