Have you ever sped up slightly to get through a yellow light? That happened to me in my own vehicle in Lewiston on Sunday on my way to Kid Fest. I am not saying it is right, but in a split second you have to make a decision, do you go or do you slow? I went for it, and the red light came up while I was in the intersection.

Of course afterwards I’m thinking and somewhat worrying about the camera on the light pole. Asking myself, did it catch me or not? The whole way to work I was wondering whether those cameras are even used to send out tickets since I’ve never heard of anyone around here getting busted for running a red light or speeding via a photo in the mail.

So when I got to work, I Googled whether “red light cameras” are used for issuing citations in Maine and the answer is, “all photo enforcement prohibited.”

By no means is being an “amber gambler” safe or advised, but those cameras can’t do a darn thing.

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