Like we really need an excuse to indulge in hot, delicious fast food right? Well, if you felt like you did need one, now you have it. And here in Maine we have no shortage of fast food places to choose from, right?

If you're feeling a little guilty about indulging just remember that Maine is 16th in the country for the 'fattest states'. Don't believe me? You can get the full list of fattest states right here through Wallet Hub. Oh, and if you're wondering about the fattest state in the country, it's West Virginia. There's not much else to do there besides eat nuggets and stare at the Blue Ridge Mountains.

And, in all seriousness, fast food is comfort food, right? And what more do we need to get through the rest of this b**s*** year than a little comfort? So you know what, hit the drive-thru today. Order those nuggets and a burger, get a pizza or some tacos and you know what else? Order some freakin' dessert to top it all off, too. A little treat here and there won't kill you. Okay, maybe it will- but at some point we're all going and to be honest, 'death by nuggets' sounds better than some other things I can think of.

If I haven't been able to give you a chuckle this far in yet I apologize and I have failed you. But it really is National Fast Food day so you really should celebrate while you're out and about today. And if you're working from home remotely, take a special trip about and get something totally horrible for you for dinner tonight. YOLO!


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