Every single day of the year is set aside for at least one, and usually more, events. Like today (Monday) you could have been celebrating National Chocolates Day or Lung Health Day. But don't get bummed because Tuesday is just as good if not better!

I've always wondered how much cleaner I'd be if I could lick myself from head to toe. Well, perhaps tomorrow, I'll ask a feline how to do it because it's National Cat Day. Personally, not a big fan of cats. They creep me out. Give me Catwoman any day!

It's also Internet Day! I'll bet Al Gore will be happy.

Finally, and I've saved the best for last, it's Psoriasis Day. When it comes to chronic skin conditions, it's one of my faves. Psoriasis is right up there with skin tags, for me.

Well, there ya go. Wanna tie these things all into one big celebration? Call Al Gore up and see if his cat has Psoriasis. My guess is probably not but stranger things have happened!

Hey, whatever you do, celebrate something!