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Where it’s the height of TV season and series finales right now, I’m wondering what your favorite TV shows and or series finales are. The most memorable series finales for me are Seinfeld, Cheers and E.R. I remember the Friends series finale as well. Oddly, they’re all NBC shows. The M*A*S*H finale was epic. I didn't see it on TV but rented it on VHS.Quite honestly I don’t watch many sitcoms. maybe it’s because I’m often too drawn to the Red Sox, Bruins or Celtics? I don’t know but it takes a lot to get me to watch a TV show these days. I like Parenthood, New Girl, The Mindy Project and Nashville

I just watched the payoff in the 1990s Newhart series finale which inspired this write-up. It was all a dream.  I knew it had existed but didn't really watch the original, so I got it but it would have worked on me more if I knew the characters in the older Bob Newhart Show. Very classic.

It is quite hard to get a show to run long enough to warrant a grand finale. Now if a show doesn’t fly right away, it’s pulled. Friends and Seinfeld in their first two seasons were at or close to the bottom of the network ratings, but NBC held on and look at how we remember these shows.

The Office finale is on tonight, which won’t mean much to me as I never really watched the show. I’ll probably hook up with it in reruns as I did with Big Bang Theory.

I’ll be watching the Bruins and Rangers game tonight, Go Bruins!!



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