Students attending the University of Maine system will be getting a 46% refund of their room and board fees because of the shutdown due to the coronavirus outbreak.

According to information posted on the university system's website, "adjustments for students who have checked out of Residence Halls on University of Maine System campuses are now being posted to students’ accounts. After careful consideration the University of Maine System decided on a 46% credit adjustment on both room charges and board charges."

The refund will apply to students at all public universities in the University of Maine system.

The university system's release outlined how it arrived at the 46% figure.

The percentage is based on 102 days of the semester the student would have been in Residence Hall; there were 47 days remaining in the term as of March 13. This percentage will be applied at all campuses.

The website said all refunds are expected to be issued by March 31, 2020.

The release said the university is looking at refunds for meal plans for students  who have had to remain on campus due to extenuating circumstances as well. "Decisions on adjustment to meal plan charges for those who have remained on campus will be determined soon. Once a decision has been reached for your campus, adjustments will be posted and any refunds for those eligible will be processed immediately."

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