The first few days of school can be really challenging for college freshmen. I know on my first day I was filled with nerves. I knew absolutely no one, and that didn’t even compare to the fact that I felt like the odd person out because I was American. Business Admin 101 was my first university class, and I got there incredibly early. I woke up two hours before class, did my makeup like I was going to prom, and put on an outrageously unique outfit. But that makeup, costume and bright, confident persona was my armor.

When it came to me making new friends at school, I was kind of scared. I knew that the girls I hung out with my first week would not be the ones I said goodbye to on my last. Because those friends were people who had nothing in common with me other than the fact that they lived in my dorm. The friends that I made in class, on my cheer team, and just eating dinner are the friends that I will one day invite to my wedding or, for some, be in my wedding. However, making those connections takes more than just sharing a drink together.

Making new friends is a simple thing that lives within a complicated box. I was so thankful that I sat next to this beautiful girl Anna. She was quiet and kind, and if it were not for her inviting me to walk to class on Wednesday with her and a girl on her floor, I never would have met the girl that would go on to be one of my closest friends. Sarah was that girl. She was friendly and smiley with a quiet confidence that matched my not-so-quiet confidence. We bonded over the next few months over our love for Sarah’s Day, a YouTube vlog, our passion for fitness, and our outlook on life. I can honestly say she was a critical factor in making my freshman year great.

Another friend I meet along the way was PA. We both had MATH 105 together, and she became my lifeline in the lab component. However, I was most thankful that we shared Sociology 101 together because it gave us a space to grow our friendship. Her friendly personality and bubbly disposition are the reason I meet many random friends. It is these two girls and a few not mentioned that I survived my first year of school.

So, for those of you going off to your freshman year or maybe your first day at work just keep and open mind and you might just find your best-friend in the most unlikely of circumstances.

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