So, you have been unhappy with your job for over a year.  You're tired of going to the same old job, doing the same old things, every single day.  You're stuck in an office, a garage, or in a kitchen, but you really want to be able to enjoy Maine's great outdoors whenever you want.  Does that sound like your ultimate job?

Well, this could be the opportunity you have been looking for...

If you have the money, or backers that have money, you could own a campground in Northern Maine!

According to the Bizquest website, the Nesowadnehunk (say that thee times fast) Lake Wilderness Campground is for sale.

Located on the outskirts of Baxter State Park, the campground includes 55 permanent trailer sites. The best part is that 44 of the sites are rented year after year, so there is no concern that you'll be struggling people to visit your campground.

The property also includes 12 fully equipped cabins, a dock system with 10 motor boats, and a store.  Attached to the store is a new log cabin meant to be lived in by the campground's owners.

The listing claims the lake itself is one of the best fly fishing spots in the State of Maine.  The lake has native brook trout.

Take a look:

The current list price is $799,999

Get more details now by calling 207.458.1551

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