I kid 'em because I love 'em. The representatives here in Maine, unlike the Fed, have an, often times, thankless, low-paying job (although the health benefits, I hear, are pretty good).

This morning we were talking about the webcams at the Statehouse and Mac mentioned he hadn't heard anything about the CSPANesque TV channel the state was suppose to introduce. That's when the call came in.

Representative Catherine Nadeau of Winslow, a freshman state rep, informed us that it is available on Time Warner channel 181 (check here for the channel in your area). I assured her we'd be watching very closely and offered her a "sweet prize" if she held up an "I Love 92 Moose" sign at 3 o'clock today (and it has to get on camera). Please, in case I forget to roll the dvr, let me know if she does it. I sort of hope she doesn't because then I'll have to come up with a prize.

Seriously, Catherine, congratulations on your win and thank you for your call!

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