According to the KJ, longtime Waterville business owner John Fortier has complained about partying, alleged drug dealing, public urination, and public defecation outside his business.

On Tuesday, the former city councilor and Parking Study Committee chairman, explained to the council that he has complained about the activity, but it still continues.

Fortier, who has owned State Farm Insurance on Silver Street for four decades, also complained about people jumping off his roof.

His main reason for being at last night's meeting was to implore the council to delay making a decision about closing Silver Street throughout the Spring, Summer, and Autumn of 2021.  His logic being that, at this point, no one knows what social distancing guidelines will be like in 2021.

Mayor Isgro said that Fortier's issues must be addressed.

According to City Manager Michael Roy, he spoke with police Chief Joseph Massey earlier in the day and the chief said that his officers had regularly done patrols of Silver Street in order to catch the perpetrators in the act.

In the end, Waterville City Councilors did end up voting 5-1 to approve closing the streets next year.

Fortier said he has spent the last few months searching for a new location for his business.

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