According to the meteorologists at News Center Maine, we could be in for some rough weather on Halloween night.  Not just rain, but gusty winds, too.

And, it will continue through Friday morning.

A warm front will pass through Maine on Thursday morning.  We could see temps in the lower to mid 60s.  Basically, t-shirt weather.  Not too bad for late October!  However, this warmer weather is not really a good thing.  It will help draw those gustier winds down from the upper atmosphere.

The rain will start rolling through the state my midday on Thursday.  The winds will pick up throughout the day on Thursday.

By the time the kids hit the streets for trick-or-treating, we could see 30 to 40 MPH wind gusts.  And, it'll be rainy, too. But, at least it will still be fairly warm.  Currently, it looks like the low temperature for the evening is going to be around 60.

The rain will continue through Friday morning.  And, the wind?  On the coast, we could see 50 MPH gusts.  Most likely, we'll see 40 MPH gusts in Central Maine.

Due to the winds, there is a significant chance of power outages in western Central Maine and in the mid-coast region.  Make sure your phones are charged, charge up those battery powered lamps, fuel up the generator, and stock up on bread and milk.  Actually, forget the bread and milk - you'll have plenty of Halloween candy to eat!

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