It was a place where tens of thousands of Central Mainers gathered for decades to enjoy conversation, good food and delicious milkshakes, and now it's gone. Completely and utterly gone.

Of course we're talking about the former Friendly's Restaurant location on Western Avenue in Augusta, Maine. On Monday, the wheels of progress, and a wicked big excavator, tore down what was left of the dilapidated old building. Now, all that's left of what was one of the area's most popular eateries is a big hole in the ground where the basement used to be.

For a long time we were unsure of exactly what would happen with the spot. It was rumored that it would just remain additional parking for the Augusta Plaza, but now we know.

According to an article in the Kennebec Journal, the Augusta Planning Board has approved the location to become the newest home of Aspen Dental. Aspen Dental, which currently has a location at 102 Western Avenue, will be working to build a larger 4,000 square foot office at the former Friendly's location.

The KJ says that the planning board approved the new office for Aspen Dental back in March of 2022. Currently, the article doesn't say when construction on the new office will start or when the office will be officially opening.

Since our offices are also at the Augusta Plaza and we share a parking lot, we will continue to watch for any new construction and keep you updated as progress on the new building is made.

Friendly's has been closed since April of 2019 when staff arrived at work for the breakfast shift and found a sign on the door explaining that the location had been permanently closed.

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