How sweet will your Valentine's Day be? According to a recent national survey by the National Confectioners Association, sales of chocolate and candy will be up this year with us spending $1.1 billion.

Here is what your Valentine is looking for:

  • 94% of Americans say they would like to receive candy or chocolate for Valentine’s Day.
  • 89% who would like to receive a card.
  • 87% who would like to receive a handmade gift.
  • 71% said they would like to receive flowers.
  • 67% would like jewelry.
  • 43% of Americans say they will buy their own box of chocolate.

Also, 70% of Americans will give chocolate or candy to one to three friends or family members.

Women (47%) are more likely than men (42%) to treat themselves, and millennials under age 30 (55%) are the most likely of any age group to shop for themselves.