Every school I know and have been around has a “zero tolerance” policy towards guns and this includes toy guns, so I have to agree with suspending the student for bringing a squirt gun to school. Yes, I’m referring to the story out of Lewiston High School where some students are playing a game called, “Assassin” with squirt guns.

I also agree that in 2014 it should not be a game played on school grounds. But this is an interesting story to use as a launching pad for other schoolyard games that we used to play when we were kids that are probably disallowed today.

Granted this was in the early 80s, but in elementary school but we played a game called “Head Hunter.” This was a schoolyard game where one out of a group got to whip a tennis ball at the rest of the group while they stood against the school wall. The ones who were against the wall did get to move and try and dodge the ball, but inevitably people would get hit and get eliminated. The last one standing was the winner and was the person who got to throw the ball in the next game.

In winter we’d play “King of the Castle.” This game was basically a test of strength on top of a snow bank. You’d try and wrestle the one who was on top of the snowbank off.

We also played a game where you’d hold a few friends hands in a line and one would try and break the chain of the line. This game was somewhat similar to trying to run through a defensive line in football. I can’t remember the name of the game, but that aside it could get rough and lead to grass stains and bruises.

I can remember playing “Assassin” as they call it at Lewiston High School, but if I remember correctly we called it “Hit Man” and it was played at a city park and we used Nerf disc guns. I will say we never played it on school grounds

I understand many schoolyard games can lead to bullying or at the very least making a child feel ganged up upon or picked on but most of the time we just had fun.

I also write this remembering a story recently about a school in New Hampshire which made the game of "Tag" against school rules. I’m not sure about you but that may be the going too far.

Are there any games you played on school property that today would be disallowed?