It's the day after the election, now what? I wanted to write on something else, so here we go. Wednesday and Saturday is when they have the 'Megabucks' and 'Powerball' drawings. The other big two lotteries here in Maine are 'Hot Lotto' and 'Mega Millions.' Tonight’s 'Powerball' jackpot is at an estimated 143 Million dollars. I know jackpots have been higher, but tonight’s is pretty good.  The 'Megabucks' jackpot isn’t too shabby tonight either. It’s at over 8 million. In all seriousness, what would you do with the money if you won? I know I’d pay off the house, credit cards and set aside $200,000 for each child for college. I know I’d donate a good sum too. I know I’d give to Cancer and AIDS research and The Red Cross, to name a few. Another thing I would do is set my Mom and my wife Lynn’s Mom up for life. Even after that, there would still be well over 100 million dollars left. I would probably invest the bulk with a financial advisers help. After all of the nuts and bolts were taken care of, I’d want to take a year off and travel all 50 states. Get a motor home, and just go. Home school the kids while on the road. See all of the major landmarks and do Route 66.

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