We’re giving away $500 for airline tickets. For one, that would pretty much get you anywhere in the contiguous US return. Where would you go?

Many I’m sure would say Florida this winter for a warm weather getaway. Me? Los Angeles.

There are so many places I want to see, starting with where I was born, the hospital, the house Mom drove me home to in La Habra and of course my California family, some of whom I haven’t seen in decades.

I’d also like to hang outside Television City and try and get in ‘The Price is Right’ audience on standby. I'd also love to walk along the Venice Beach boardwalk and laugh as the oddballs walk by.

With the beach in mind, I want to watch a sunset over the ocean. I haven't seen that in almost 30 years.

Maybe catch the Rose Bowl Parade, and go to the top Mount Lee (Hollywood Sign) and look over the city.

Once again try Jack In The Box, maybe this time I’ll like it? I want to go to Pink’s for a hot dog.

I’m sure I could think of other things to do in the Los Angeles area but the above are a few things on my Southern California bucket list.

Where would you go if you won $500 for airline tickets?