It's always great when Maine restaurants are put on the proverbial pedestal. It's even better when one of those restaurants happens to be right in our own back yard.

According to an article that was published by WABI TV 5, the White Duck Brew Pub on 202 in Winthrop, Maine, was nominated by several customers as one of the best eateries in all of America.

Because of the overwhelming number on nominations, producers from 'America's Best Restaurants' decided that they needed to head to Central Maine to see for themselves what all the buzz was about. And what they found is that it definitely lived up to the hype.

One of the things that makes the White Duck Brew Pub so special, is that it is owned by combat veteran, and quadruple amputee, Travis Mills. Mills, who is one of four owners, according to WABI, is also planning on opening a brewery next door to the eatery later this summer.

Mills, who also owns a large veterans retreat in Central Maine, said in part about the White Duck Brew Pub,

“It’s been a really crazy and wild ride to have a restaurant, but as we’ve grown over the last two years, we have the outside that brings more people in, we have the outside kitchen with a different menu with live music Friday, Saturday, Sunday in the summer. It’s been really cool to have everybody just come together and really welcome us into the community for one here in Winthrop, just having people come from all over to try our food here at the White Duck.”

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