Who reading this watches late night talk shows like Letterman, Leno, Jimmy Fallon, Craig and Kimmel? Throw in Conan, Chelsea, Jon Stewart and Colbert as well. Hope I'm not forgetting anyone? In January it will be tougher to choose as Jimmy Kimmel moves to 11:35 directly against Leno and Letterman.

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Unless the Celtics or Red Sox are out in California, as it stands now my habits are: Letterman's monologue, Jay Leno if he has 'Headlines,' then Kimmel for his open and Craig Ferguson at 12:35 am (if I'm still up). It varies if one of the shows is a repeat, but for the most part that's what I do.  I like Jimmy Fallon; just I like Craig Ferguson more. Ferguson is just a little more irreverent and quick.

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With Jimmy Kimmel at 11:35 pm what am I going to do? Jimmy Kimmel is one of my favorites. I saw Kimmel's very first show; when he stated he had a weekly co-host. His first week with 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' he had Snoop Dogg, sorry 'Snoop Lion'” sitting in with him along with Snoop's bizaddled goblet. Adam Corolla sat with him for a week. I don't remember if Ben Stein and Dr. Drew were co-hosts or not but it seemed to be Kimmel's friends who helped him out in the beginning. Totally love 'This Week in Unnecessary Censorship' and stunts with his cousin Sal.

Kind of wish Letterman would step it up a bit. He used to be awesome. He'd go into the audience and give away cuts of meat. Do 'viewer mail' and 'Is This Anything?' Letterman seems to be coasting these past few years. Letterman is getting more like a morning host than a late-nighter. Don't get me wrong, he's still very funny, just seems to lack the spirit of the gig.

I'm not the biggest Jay Leno fan. Love 'Headlines,' but other than that, I really don't see much else there. He does get better guests than the others at night, I'll give Leno that.

The late night wars are heating up again. Moving and shaking. Where will you be?