P!nk is the latest artist to sound off on comments made about body type. Before P!nk, it was Kelly Clarkson and Lane Bryant who told all those who pick on people (primarily women) without the the size two body type "where to go" if you don't like it.

This brings up the topic of why we ("we" as in a collective society) think it's alright to judge people either privately or publicly on appearance.

Trust me, I can be guilty of thinking a comment just much as everyone else.

Judging others appearance is not just with our celebrities, it's also in our schools, work places and other places people gather. Whether it is weight, disability, or as trivial as thinking someone has the wrong haircut or style, we need to do better and like people for what they do, how the act and who they are.

None of us are perfect, we all have our flaws.

On a side note we could also do a better job at accepting those with opposing opinions on the world, our country and our towns and cities.

Debate is good, hate is not.