Jasmine and Aladdin had it right when they sang, "A whole new world," because that is exactly how you'll feel when entering into the oasis that is The Willows Awake Winery.

As you're driving down Leeds Junction Road, you will feel a strong urge to pull into the long driveway that leads to The Willows. Even saying it is fun, Willows Awake. Very calming.

The atmosphere is light as you drive through the vineyards. You've been transformed and you are now on a stay-cation. You don't have to go far to feel like you're job, you're bills, or you're annoying neighbors are far behind you.

Willows Awake, Website

As you walk along the grass in the vineyard it's as though you've landed in Italy at the Marchesi di Barolo Winery.

As you walk into the establishment you're immediately greeted by the harmonious staff. The ambiance gives you that, don't worry, be happy, laid-back, no rush-to-life attitude. .

The decor inside is straight out of a travel guide stating that this location is a "must-see."

What's something you look forward to doing on vacation? Drinking and eating, and then drinking some more. Am I right? They will cater to your every need with wine-inspired creations and locally sourced ingredients.

Another vacation activity is viewing the local art and becoming inspired by creations you've never seen. Willows Awake highlights different local artists on the walls. You can lose yourself in this creative realm, glaring at the art and drinking wine, knowing that you can easily Uber home instead of having to get on a long 10-hour flight hungover the next day.

Sarah Watson, website

No matter if you're eating inside or enjoying the view of the vineyard on their wrap-around modern deck outside, you will be comforted in knowing you are in a place of peace and organic and artisanal nourishment.

You will be catered to in every way whether you're there for a cozy dinner in the colloquy corner or sitting outside on the modern farm-style porch with friends enjoying wine-tasting.

Sarah Watson, Website

Who wants to eat? All of the menu items are prepared fresh daily. They'll also be featuring a new chef and a new menu starting in November so you can look forward to new creations!

Whether you're coming for a wedding, wine-tasting, or just a comfy dinner for two, Willows Awake will deliver you into a place of stillness and harmony with live music starting on Sundays coming this November!

I was lucky enough to celebrate my recent nuptials at this magical place and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.

Please visit Willows Awake Winerys Website and their Facebook page to see how they can carry you away.


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