Over the weekend we started our spring cleaning. We completed our bedroom and it's now clean and somewhat redone. The walls are still magenta, which I like but Lynn hates and the floor is still the same, which both of use hate, a blue high pile or shag but in due time we'll put in a new floor. We received a bedroom set from my mother-in-law, which make it like a new room ,which we absolutely needed.

First of all I want to thank Matt James for coming all the way from the Augusta-Waterville area and helping us move the bedroom set and a few other goodies from my second mom's place to ours. I'm not sure how we would have done it without him.

The move took about an hour to complete. It was a fast and fairly easy adventure. Lynn and I dusted the furniture after it was moved, organized it all and put it in the bedroom.

One of our old dressers went upstairs and the other because of how old and tired it was went on side of the road, "free for the taking." Take a guess how long it stayed there. It lasted less than two minutes. We no sooner put the the dresser out front when a guy in a blue PT Cruiser showed up and took it. We even helped him put it in his car.

It was functioning, but was missing a handle or two. A little tattered as well. The guy said he wanted it for his daughter. It made me feel good that it was getting new life and judging by the inside of the car, he knew how to refurbish it and bring it back to a piece of nice furniture.

It is sort of a case of "they don't make them like they used to."

No I haven't found my wedding band and I looked for a good 10 minutes throughout that dresser before sending it to the curb.